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Dive into Summer book giveaway

For all of you that love YA novel giveaway.check out Eisley Jacobs on Facebook for info on how to enter giveaway.  Good luck to all who check it out.  Be sure to do this before the 26th.  Only today and tomorrow left for entries!

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""Can You Catch My Flow", a poetry book written by Lidy Wilks was very interesting. My daughter and I read these together. Each poem had a deeper meaning than just the words written which spurred conversation with my girl. I love poetry, actually it's probably my favote type of literature there is. The pieces included in this book were beautiful and thought provoking.
This collection of Lidy's work, which I won on goodreads.com, was enjoyable and appreciated."

Luring Shadows

Luring Shadows (The Happy Endings Resort) (Volume 7) - Kristina Rienzi

I won this wonderfully written book by Kristina Rienzi in a giveaway.  I have trouble sleeping at night so I thought I'll read a  chapter or two and it will help me sleep.  Not thinking the book would be boring,mind you, just it always helped in the past.  Unfortunately this book was so good I could not stop after a chapter or two.  I began reading and read all the way to the end in one sitting.  Rayna's story is very good.  I loved the book and cannot wait to read more by the author.


Madly (The Potion Diaries) by Amy Alward (2015-09-29) - Amy Alward

I loved this book!! From the beginning to the end I had a hard time putting it down for anything else!  I can't wait to read #2

Night of the Bonfire

Night of the Bonfire: A Michael Quinn Novel - Kevin Scott Olson

I won this book in a giveaway.  I like the writing style of the author although I found this book hard to follow.  I've read short stories by author and very Kuching enjoyed them.

Heart in a Box

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I won this book in a giveaway.  I enjoyed the read as it was smooth and kept me wanting to know more.  I hope there might be a follow up book as there are still questions that could be answered.  The book is one I passed to my neice who is now enjoying it.